Our Services

iBrander provides the full array of digital services to suit your business needs.

Starting by ensuring your business is fully set up and ready engage with your clients.

What We Provide


We implement strategic branding that utilises the elements of your brand identity – including brand name, logo, styling and associated visuals – to construct a positive brand image online.

Video Production

Key to a successful marketing strategy. We believe video has a key role in our clients ROI. Our own in-house production studios is put to good use in producing stellar and effective video content for our client’s digital marketing needs.

Website Development

We create impressive and highly functional web designs that are doubly beneficial for their up to date appeal and simple interface, suited for the unique business growth requirements of our clients business and colours.

Online Training

We don’t just do, we also teach our relevant and up to date practices in brand development and marketing to our clients and their staff. We see this as part of our company ethos – working as a team to help achieve your brand’s strategies.

Social Media

We believe a successful social strategy involves more than accumulating Likes, Followers or positive sentiment. It should be contextual and aligned with the tenets of a brand and desired consumer experience.


iBrander keeps your customer base in the know by helping businesses articulate their communications as crystal and effectively as possible. We articulate a company’s message through engaged interactions, artful language choice and thoughtful strategy.

Adwords campaigns /PPC

Our experience PPC managers are fully qualified to run biddable media ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing, Ads, Facebook, and all leading social media platforms. Alongside we provide reporting and broad market guidance to ensure the most is made out of your campaigns.

HTML Campaigns

We develop compelling content using subscriber and website visitor information to drive relevancy. Our reports provide our clients with accurate statistics and graphs for each campaign

and more...

Online Business Course


Implement new strategies, improve your web presence, and learn how to brand yourself online.

Our course will not just enable you to  increase your business exposure online , but will also create a long lasting presence in your niche market. We teach what we learn. And as experienced digital marketers we have gained knowledge that is priceless and we believe highly valuable to any business.

1. Facebook/Twitter Promotion and Training: Making the most of the digital world requires omnipresence of your business in all the realms of the social media. Our Facebook promotion and training courses will guide you towards how to best utilize the vast spans of global consumers and retain them effectively.

2. Google Training and set Up: Our tech-wizards will train you on how to make the most of the google apps and other features that will ensure business promotion.

3. Bulk SMS Marketing: Know your way into creating the right bulk SMS campaign.

4. Individually Developed Marketing Plan: If you desire to target only a certain market segment, we have your back!

5. Video Training for Instagram and YouTube: Capturing the right profile, ensuring the adequate pixels, we have it all sorted.

6. HTML E-mail marketing: Learn the techniques of creating the perfect e-mail marketing campaign.

7. On-going Training Support: You will always find us besides you, not just to and through the process, but also after!