Our Course


Implement new strategies, improve & increase your online presence, and learn how to brand yourself digitally.

Our course will not just enable you to  increase your business exposure online, but will also help you develop a long lasting presence in your niche market. We teach what we know. And as experienced digital marketers, over the years we have gained knowledge that is highly valuable to any business looking for to increase their market share.



Our Course Syllabus

Part I – Google and SEO
  • Introduction to the course
  • Understanding your digital requirements
  • Setting up a business online
  • Using Google for business
  • SEO key basics
  • Google Adwords and Analytics
Part III – Instagram
  • Building your Instagram profile / value
  • Developing a strategy
  • Posting photos and videos
  • Expanding Instagram’s capabilities
  • Essential tools for Instagram
Part II – Facebook for Business
  • Creating a Facebook strategy
  • Creating Facebook pages for brands and organisations
  • Page Analytics and insights
  • Facebook advertising
  • A/B and optimisation
  • Using Facebook pixel
 Part IV – Publishing Online
  • Developing your content strategy
  • Cost planning
  • Using Emjojis and Gifs
  • Content design basics
  • Content publishing – Introducing Hootsuite
Part V – Email marketing and CRM
  • Key factors of HTML marketing
  • Building email lists
  • Introducing Mailchimp
  • Creating successful email content
  • Case studies